Amish Made Furniture in Orange County California

We just remodeled our kitchen and I have been searching the web, for the past 6 months, for a new dining room table and chairs.  I really liked the idea of buying Amish made furniture.  Made in America!

Well, we actually bought our dining room table at Restoration Hardware while out looking for a couch… isn’t that the way it goes?  We love the table!!  It is made of 100 year old wood from Great Britain.  It is raw wood and that is the look we wanted.  It comes with two end leaves which makes the table big enough to seat 10 people!

When we saw the table in the store it had 3 planks of wood on top, our table came with 5.  The table in the store was lighter in color, ours came darker.  But .. we like it better than what we saw, so all is good.

This is the Trestle Salvaged Wood Extension Dining Table 72″  – HERE

So, now that I’ve gotten off the topic of Amish completely, I will tell you where we found our chairs!

We found our chairs here – Furnishings Direct and there website is

They are located in Garden Grove California, just south of the 22 freeway on Harbor.

They are the most comfortable chairs!  We sat in a lot of chairs and wanted a really comfortable chair on our backs and bottoms!

We liked the light wood and the chairs are lighter in weight than others we looked at.  I don’t know if you’ve looked for dining chairs, but some are really, really heavy!

Each chair will be signed my the Amish worker who mde it.  It will have a marker on it (under the chair) that tells what wood it is made from and other important info.

Some pictures I took in the store –

Beautiful Furniture – Made in America!








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