Bacon, Apricots, Almonds and a Poinsetta!

I made a new appetizer for Thanksgiving and it was great!  I found the recipe on Pinterest which pointed it to this blog – Two Hungry Sisters

Bacon Wrapped Apricot Almond

by Tracy

Parties and bacon go together like,  well…..bacon goes with everything.   We love people like Caren that bring the new and different.   Put on a pretty plate with a nice pottery bowl for the sauce and wa-la,  an appetizer that will have people asking, “what is this, yum?”   These can be assembled the night before which is an added bonus!


Bacon Wrapped Apricot Almond

1 pkg of dried apricots

1/2 c. whole almonds

1 lb of bacon

1/4 c. plum/apple jelly for sauce

2 T soy sauce  for sauce

Fold the apricot around each almond .  Cut the bacon slice into thirds.  Using one third of the bacon slice,   wrap the bacon around the apricot/almond and secure with a toothpick.  Bake at 375 for 25 minutes  on a foil lined cookie sheet til crisp-turning once.  Cook jelly and soy sauce for 5 minutes over medium heat in a saucepan.  Drain apricot on a paper towel.  Serve with dipping sauce

Image from here – Dear Avocado

 One thing I did different – I just tucked the almond in the slot that the pit came out of!  Works great.  We just folded the bacon in half and tooth picked at the side… made for easy turning.

These were great!  I should have made a little sign describing what they were and to make sure to dip them in the great sauce!

Now for the drink of the day  …

Image from – Wine Intro

I’m a beer drinker typically, but wanted something lighter this year to drink during the day, so I made a “Poinsetta” with champagne.  It was really good!

Take a champagne glass

Put some cranberry juice in it … I always measure in “glug glugs”  🙂  ha ha … so put two glugs in the glass!

I used Patron orange liqeur (the recipes call for triple sec) – put one glug in the glass

Add your champagne – my favorite is Barefoot Bubbly, good for mixed champagne drinks and inexpensive

Add a squeeze of lime and Viola!  

Everyone loved these!!

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