BBQ Grill Pan

When we camp, we cook our bacon and eggs on a flat skillet-type pan on our gas BBQ. No mess inside the camper and easy clean up!  So with that idea in mind ….

We were shopping at Macy’s one day and we saw a Grill pan under the Martha Stewart label. It has metal handles on both ends – which is a must for using on the BBQ. This pan IS THE BEST!

I love to BBQ and I love to cook fish, so this is a no brainer!

This picture shows my fish brought out to the BBQ from the kitchen. I made my sauce, drizzled it on the pan, placed the fish, drizzled some more sauce and placed it on the BBQ.

No longer will fish drop between the grills on the BBQ.

All done!

Last night I had some Halibut I wanted to cook (Thank you Barbara and Joe for the Alaskan Halibut!). I sautee’d some red onions in some butter on the stove first, added some more butter and then poured the entire mixture on my BBQ Grill Pan. I placed my Halibut filets on top of the grilled red onions and sprinkled the Halibut with some lemon pepper. Took it out to my pre-heated BBQ and cooked it! I don’t cook/BBQ it over direct heat. I leave the front burner off and keep the middle and back burner on high. I turned the fish once, got some grill marks on it and it was done. Here is one piece left –

I cooked the red onions a bit too long before placing them on the Grill Pan.  Next time I will cook them half the time so they can finish cooking with the halibut.

This was easy and VERY good!

The pan can be found HERE, but it is no longer available.  I hope they come back in stock!

I found a few other ones-


Crate and Barrel But … it doesn’t have handles.

All Clad 


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