Beedle The Bard

I’m so excited!  Yesterday I received the book “The Tales of the Beedle The Bard” by J.K. Rowling.  I ordered it from Amazon UK.  I feel so special when I get books from the UK 🙂 because mine looks different than those bought here in the US.  (See the blue cover).   When I was in Scotland with my parents, I bought one of the Harry Potter books while in Edinburgh.  Edinburgh is where J.K. Rowling started her writing career.  In that book, some of the words were different such as using the word “in Que” instead of “in Line”.   I wonder if that is the case of this new book.  This new book by Rowling is a children’s book, but I’m still excited to have it!

Here is what the book’s cover looks like here in the states:

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