Camping at Silverwood Lake

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We just got home from a weekend camping trip to Silverwood Lake.

Silverwood Lake is located off the 15 freeway and highway 138…..


It took us about 2 hours to get there and after we checked in at the ranger kiosk we encounted this nice kitty cat in the road ….

Let’s get a little closer…. (with the camera zoom)

Yikes !  Hello Bob Cat !!  Here it is approaching the dead squirell in the gutter, which it picked up in it’s mouth and then headed into the bushes.

Okay… bob cats, bears and anything that can jump out and bite my head off scare me !!!

We got camp set up and our friend Greg got there with his dog Cody.  We all headed down the trail to the lake to get in on a striper bite, but no such luck.  I practiced casting, but that’s about it … except for a good hike.

The wind was howling that night and the next day was sun, mist, heavy mist, more wind…  Our friend Gabe got there and we headed back to the lake.  I caught two baby bass on some night crawlers (  Can be kind of gross – night crawlers are worms… you cut them in half or thirds and put them on your hook.  One I had was all slimy !!!!  )   The wind and the constant mist brought on mid day naps.  We then all hunkered down in the camper and played a few rounds of Gin Rummy.  Lots of fun !

Campsites 72 and 73 – for those of you who might go camping at Lake Silverwood.  We also drove through the campground and marked our favorite sites for next time.

And, of course we woke up to a beautiful day… perfect for paddling on the lake, but we needed to head home. It was still a fun weekend, always nice to get away with friends and sit around the campfire!

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