Can you just put the cell phone down while we eat?

Last night my husband and I went out to dinner at our favorite BBQ restaurant.  We love to sit in the bar and have dinner.

At a table to our left was a couple and the ENTIRE time we were there the wife was on her phone!!!!!!!!  Not talking on the phone, just on her phone scrolling through stuff.   I can’t tell you how that bugs me!  Her husband wasn’t on his phone at first but did check his phone off and on … I mean why not when your wife barely looks up from the screen!

They must have already eaten their dinner because dessert came to the table and I think she ate while looking at her phone!

Can’t you just put down your phone while we are out to dinner?


My husband used to check his phone when we were out and it embarrassed me that he would rather check his phone than talk to me.  I would always ask him “What are you looking at?”.  He rarely does it anymore and I am SO glad!!

During our time at dinner I watched many people come in and some of them had their noses in their phones.  It’s sad that they aren’t making eye contact with people around them, or reading a newspaper, book or magazine .. and I know, my age must be showing as I still read books and newspapers.  I also stay current with News apps and don’t get me wrong I love my phone, but my husband, children and grandchildren are more important to me than my phone.  What’s more important?  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest a News app or your loved one that is sitting across from you?

I felt sorry for the husband.  I wondered how he felt while his wife was on her phone the entire time.  I really wanted to go over and say something … but it’s none of my business.  Maybe one day she will find this blog post or another one on this subject and come to her senses!

Who remembers the days of no cell phones?  It wasn’t that long ago … boy how times have changed!  In some ways I miss those times when you weren’t tied to a phone!

Check out this blog post “How to use your cell phone at the table: A Guide”  Some do’s and don’t for all of to remember and even me … because I’m not perfect either!

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