Cayucos Sea Glass Festival – 2014

I read about the Cayucos Sea Glass Festival in the Westways magazine and told my husband about it.  He said “Road Trip”!

Cayucos Sea Glass Festival

We took off early Saturday morning to start our 4 hour drive and arrived in Cayucos around 10:30.  When we got down to the event, there were two entrances and lines at both.  It was pretty crowded inside and hard to get to the vendor tables at times.  I stopped at the Gull Cottage Crafts table and just loved their sea glass boats and angels.

Sea Glass boats by Gull Cottage Crafts Sea Glass Angels by Gull Cottage Crafts

She also had a beautiful drift wood and sea glass wreath –

Drift Wood and Sea Glass Wreath Sea Glass Wind Chimes

The wind chimes may have been a different vendor, they were really pretty.  I bought a few of the angels and boats and thought I had better see the rest of the vendors before spending all of my money at my first stop!  I cruised through the rooms, slowly, lots of people, and went right back to Gull Cottage Crafts.  I just loved her stuff!  This vendor – WhimSea had these cute drift wood sea glass word things –


There were some cute creations and beautiful jewelry, books, info, sea glass for sale .. lots to choose from!

My husband and our dog Max had waited outside, so after I was finished shopping we had fun walking around the little town.  There is a cute shop called “Happy Go Smile” that had a mermaid out front .. and of course we had to get some pictures!

Wood Mermaid  Mark-the-Mermaid

Happy Go Smile

and a great mermaid statue –

Mermaid Statue Mark-and-the-Mermaid

We headed to Morro Bay State Park for the night, we just love it there!

Morro Bay State Park Big-Tree

Our camping neighbor works for Jelly Belly and she shared some new flavors with me!  Too funny!


Across the street from the State Park is a great Cafe and little marina – and a boat for sale!!

The Bayside Cafe, Morro Bay Morro Bay Marina

Our RV got a flat on the way home 🙁


I didn’t run over my husband .. he is getting the spare!

And Louie’s Tires saved us!


It was a great weekend Road Trip even with the flat tire and I want to go back next year!  You can pay a bit extra to get in early at the Sea Glass Festival and it might be worth it, as it was so crowded later.

Here is our dog Max taking a break on the way up –


Pretty vineyards!


From Cayucos you can see Morro Rock!



Here are some links –

Gull Cottage Crafts – My favorite


Cayucos Sea Glass Festival

My Morro Bay State Park info page


The End 🙂





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