Christening Gown

My Granddaughter is being Christened next month and it prompted me to get the old suitcase out and take a look at the special things my Grandmother, Agnes Stewart, saved.  One special item is her mother’s Christening Gown.  So this gown belonged to my Great Grandmother, Agnes Goodrich Todd.  She was born in 1876.

Christening Gown from 1876

Christening Gown from 1876

Back of Christening Gown from 1876

Detail on Christening Gown from 1876

Embroidery on Christening Gown from 1876

My Great Grandmother –

as a young girl –

Agnes Goodrich Todd

around 1905 – pictured with her children – Todd, Hobart and Harriet

Agnes Goodrich Todd

around 1940 – Agnes Todd Nies – married to Henry Nies

Agnes Goodrich Todd - Agnes Todd Nies

My Father, age 3 months, looks like he is wearing a Christening Gown?

William Kingsley Stewart

My Grandma Agnes, my Father’s Mother, was great at labeling everything, dates, names, who passed down what to whom.  I need to continue this tradition because it is so nice knowing who is who in old pictures!


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