Dinner while Camping

Having a motorhome and the use of an oven has been great!  I cook baked potatoes mostly, but on this last camping trip I made Prosciutto wrapped asparagus in the oven.  We also BBQ’d pork chops and I made stove top stuffing.  YUM!

I recently tried this and loved it!  I have marinated chops with it twice.

I marinated my chops for about half the day –

I prefer marinating in a baggie versus a container.  In a baggie, you can get rid of the air and have the marinade thoroughly surround your meat!

I placed some foil on my oven tray and coated it lightly with olive oil.  I then wrapped 4 asparagus spears with the prosciutto.  The asparagus was very skinny, that’s why I did 4 at a time.  Prosciutto is a pain to work with!  It kept tearing, but I managed.  I baked it for 10 minutes total at around 350, turning it over after 5 minutes.

I had a box of stove top stuffing in the cupboard (and perhaps this is something that should always be on hand) and it was great!

It was a great dinner to say the least!

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