Displaying Special Shells

I am a shell LOVER and my friends know it!!

My best friend Tammy went to Bali a few years ago and she brought some treasures from her walk on the beach. She wasn’t able to find much, but she knew I would love them! Especially the heart shaped piece of coral!

I had them in a small box on my dresser and yesterday I thought I really needed to display them and make a note where I got them .. or time will go by and I might forget!

So … I had this small frame (picture inside measures 3 x 2.5″) and I found a picture of a Bali beach, added the words with Photoshop (you could use Word and a text box) and I then glued the shells on the picture. Waited for it to dry and framed it! I love how it turned out!


My Mom and Dad did a coast-to-coast walk across England  and my Mom brought me some shells!  She must have picked these up on one coast but I won’t know which one as my parent’s have passed away.  I wish I had made a note of it!!  But … at least I have them in their own jar with a little note!


Maybe I’ll put these in a little shadow box with a picture of my parents on their walk!  That would be special.

My husband and I owned a company for 10 years and we sold kayak fishing equipment to customers all of the world.  One customer that lives near the Great Barrier Reaf sent me two shells … i have to label those!  And .. a customer in Florida sent me some shells too!

Do you have special shells?  How do you display them?

I tutor now and I was at a client’s house yesterday.  She has a coffee table, or really a display table.  It is low like a coffee table, but all glass and she has all kinds of shells on display with labels where she got them.  I need a table like that!  Or … I will continue to create shadow boxes and fill up a wall in my house!

Have fun collecting and displaying your shells!  I do and I will!!!

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