Doheny – Spot #77 – Beach Front :)

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We just spent the weekend down at Doheny State Beach – Spot #77.  We lucked out because my friend Tammy got two spots and they wouldn’t fit into this one.  It’s one single driveway, but you are beach front, so you can pull your pop-up or camper all the way to the curb.

You are pretty cozy with your neighbors – but we had really nice people next to us and we liked their music! We were camping during the Blues Festival and you can hear the music a little bit at your campsite, unless another camper has their radio on.   Saturday night we rode our bikes down to the concert area to hear Brian Setzer play.  You can sit on the beach side of the fence and see the stage and big screen.  We got a good show watching the bums / drunks dance on the beach :-O

Mark laughed at my lavender plant 🙂  I thought it was pretty cute on my table.  I stuck it in a clay pot so it wouldn’t blow away.

Mark just got a holder to hang the lantern on … pretty cool!  Also, our solar panel works REALLY well.  It’s nice to have your battery fully charged when you don’t have hook-ups and we have an inverter to recharge our iPod.

Beach front is so GREAT!  In under two weeks we can book camping for December!  Be ready at 8 am … well really before …. to get the best spots!  You have to be FAST!

Oh yeah … we totally cheated on this trip.  Friday night we ordered pizza and a pulled-pork sandwich from Bubba’s across the street.  Our friend Tammy and fam ordered from Beach Cities Pizza down in the harbor and they delivered to the front gate!   For breakfast we got breakfast burritos from A’s burgers, across the street – my favorite is the bacon breakfast burrito, served with some salsa… really good.


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