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My family just took a trip to Edinburgh & Inverness Scotland and to London.  I would like to share the trip details of where we stayed, ate, went, etc… to perhaps help you in planning your trip.  Please feel free to comment and ask me questions!

I used Trip Advisor UK for a TON of information while planning the trip.  If I found the info on Trip Advisor, I would also google it and double check any other resources.  Yes, I am a BIG planner!

We had 7 in our party for the time in Edinburgh and Inverness.  I started looking at hotels, but when adding up 4 rooms it became a bit pricey.

I found an apartment on Trip Advisor – Edinburgh New Town Apartment and it was GREAT!  It has 3 bedrooms and a sleeper sofa in the living room.  The 3 bathrooms sold me!  I had looked at a few apartments with 1 to 2 bathrooms and I knew that would never work with 7 … 5 of us women!  The kitchen was nice and big –

The entry way –

The front door and views up and down the street –

There is a park across the street and you are on a corner.

The only negative with being on the corner was the bus stop right outside the main bedroom and living room windows.  A little noisy, but not that bad.

We found the best place to eat right down the street (in the opposite direction from downtown Edinburgh) was an Italian restaurant – Vittoria Restaurant   Liz (the owner) has a binder with restaurant info and this restaurant was listed.  We ate there two nights it was so good.

There is a little bakery across the street on Leith.  I walked over early one morning and bought some donuts.  There were a lot of work people buying meat pies for lunch as well as coffees and breakfast items.

We found the cutest store on the way to Vittoria’s one night.  We didn’t have time to go back again .. darn it!  Cute things in that store!  But … I just found the website … The Cat’s Miaou

The first restaurant we ate in was the The Abbotsford.  I had eaten here in 2005 with my parents.  The bottom of the restaurant is a pub and the top, a nice restaurant.  In 2005, you could order pub food upstairs, but not anymore, it is a higher end menu.  Very good food both up and downstairs.

Photo by Heather

The Abbotsford is about a 20-25 minute walk from the apartment.  It is on Rose Street and there are a lot of restaurants and shops in this area.  Right before The Abbotsford, you will pass a grocery store, which is handy.

I had groceries delivered and it worked out great!  I had my girls go through Sainsbury’s website and choose items they would like.  Sainsbury’s delivered the groceries at the time I specified.  It was great!  If you don’t rent a car this is the way to go!  I had beer, whisky, water (water bottles are a must), bread, bagels, cereal, juice, etc.  AND.. papertowels.  I love a papertowel or napkin with my meal or to clean up with. 

Bring a nice bar of soap and washcloth, or your body wash and a loofa if that’s what you use.  No one provides washcloths.  Small bars of soap were provided, but I really missed my nice big bar of soap.

Liz provides a lovely welcome basket with some starters and milk in the fridge.  There are some food items in the cupboards as well.  She left us bread, cereal, crackers, cookies, tea …

There is a small washer/dryer combo in the kitchen.  We bought some degerent at the market (when eating at The Abbotsford) and left some under the sink 🙂 

I think that about covers things so far… more on my next post.  I’m sure I will remember something else to tell you!

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