Full Beer + Freezer = Mess ….

We were at my Daughter and her Husband’s house for dinner and I accidentally opened two beers.  No, I wasn’t two fisted drinking … ha ha ha …. it was an honest mistake.  I stuck one of the beers in the freezer to get nice and cold while I drank the other one.  Well….  soon after I finished the first beer, we finished dinner and moved onto dessert.  I completely forgot about the beer in the freezer.

The next day, I get an e-mail from my daughter saying I forgot my beer.  No, I left the extra beer at their house for them to drink.

But …. I did forget about the beer in the freezer…  kinda made a mess ….

Sorry Heather …. it won’t happen again!  I’ll drink a little so it won’t overflow!  Ha Ha Ha ….

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