Garden Shed Additions

I’ve added some things to my garden shed!  The first item is a mailbox!  How funny is that?  Send me some Garden Mail!  I bought a pair of mailboxes on E-Bay and spray painted this one blue –

(click all pictures to view larger)

I bought a towel rack at a local antique store –

I’m not done with my sink area.  I need to hang my suns somewhere else in the yard and add something …

I’ve hung some shelves in the shed (my husband actually hung them) –

On top of my cabinet is a metal storage box with lots of drawers.  This was my Dad’s that he used for his business.  I’ll be keeping seed packets in it and other garden related items …

On top of the middle shelf are a bunch of vintage items … that I’ve just had …. so I guess I’m part vintage 😉

As you can see I’ve kept the bottom of my rake.  My husband had a great idea to bend it a bit, hang it on the wall, and hang things from it.

My husband started sanding my work table surface to prep it for the tiles.  I bought these tiles at a local antique store (Thanks Heather for the tip) and they fit perfectly!  I can’t wait to get this project completed!

My box of tiles –

And a few pictures of my yard ..

We thought it was a good idea to place the cat next to the bird bath. Since we have 3 cats, I don’t want birds to risk their lives in that bath!

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