Greek Chicken Pasta Salad

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7/30/11 – New reader recipe in the comment section!  Check it out!


Last weekend I bought a Greek Chicken Pasta Salad at Costco.  It was pretty good and I knew I could re-make it ….. better :)   So … I bought the ingredients -

Greek Chicken Pasta Salad ingredients

A Rotisserie Chicken at the market

A can of artichoke hearts

Grape tomatoes

Whole grain pasta

Greek Olives (pitted)

Red Onion

Salt and Pepper


Italian Dressing

Cook your pasta – al dente.  Shread your chicken.  Cut the artichoke hearts into smaller pieces from what they come in the jar or can.  Slice the Red Onion.  Cut olives in half (remember no seeds)   Mix all ingredients.  For the big bowl, I added two heaping tablespoons of mayo and about 1/4 cup of italian dressing.  Mix.  Chill.  Eat.

Family Comments-

Megan – Better than Costo

Mark – Really Really Good

Samantha – The Best

or something like that!!


My bowl of Greek Chicken Pasta Salad

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11 Responses to “Greek Chicken Pasta Salad”

  1. Carol Says:

    I bought Costco’s Greek Salad last week and added Peppercini & stuffed green olives (in addition to the Spanish olives). It was super! I’m going to make it myself and add chopped red bell pepper to all the other ingredients. I’m thinking of using Kirkland’s grilled chicken breast strips with Bernstein’s Cheese & Garlic Italian dressing. Why did you add the manonaise?

  2. Karen Says:

    When I make my macaroni salad with the small salad macaroni, I always add mayonaise, so I just thought I would on the Costco-Type salad. It would make it more creamy, I think.
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Carol Says:

    I made this salad myself and used a couple of TBsp mayo as you suggested. I think it keeps the pasta from slurping up all the dressing too fast. I used Ken’s Greek Salad Dressing this time around. It was excellent, but not quite as tasty as Costco’s dressing. Does anyone know the secret?

  4. Jackie Says:

    Try this recipe. I half it because it makes way too much for me.
    costco pasta salad recipe (my version)

    Postby bing on Sun Dec 26, 2010 3:12 pm
    1 rotisserie chicken (chopped)
    1 lb ziti (chopped)
    3 cups kalamata olives (cut in half, pitted)
    2 can artichoke hearts
    1 container grape tomatoes
    1/2 onion (red if possible)
    1/2 cup mayo
    1/2 cup italian dressing
    1 cup ceasar dressing (cardini’s if possible)
    splash or 2 of balsamic
    splash or 2 olive oil
    1/4 cup grated cheese
    2 tsp dried oregano
    salt and pepper to taste

    (chicken and pasta should be chilled before preperation)

  5. karen Says:

    Thanks for your recipe Jackie! I’ll have to try it!

  6. Stahmer Says:

    Thanks for nice post, bookmarked this….

  7. kate Says:

    It has fetta cheese in the costco one

  8. Mary Says:

    Could someone PLEASE let me know the recipe for Costco’s Greek Salad Dressing? There’s so many versions on-line and I’ve been told that Costco’s is best but the store is out. Thanx! Mary

  9. Jessica Says:

    What about the cubed feta cheese? :)

  10. karen Says:

    Did I forget the cheese? The next time I’m at Costco, I’ll have to buy it again … or just look at the ingredients!

  11. BJ Smith Says:

    It has feta cheese in it..and zesting Italian dressing

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