Half Funfetti – Half Chocolate

I just made a cake for my Daughter’s 28th Birthday.  I texted her from the cake mix aisle at the market and asked her if she would like a Funfetti birthday cake.  She said “sure”!  Or carrot? “Surprise me”.  Well, the chocolate looked good too!

So .. I decided to get both Funfetti and Chocolate planning on half and half cupcakes.  Instead I made a cake.

I mixed both cake mixes.  I prepared my 13 x 9 pan.  I took one bowl in each hand and poured the cake batter in.  I put down one bowl and scooped a bit into the pan of one and then the other.  I used almost all of each mix.

Look at the perfect line it made! Kind of surprised me!

My daughter was surprised with her half and half cake!


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