Hanger Steak … What, Where and Why

This past weekend we camped down at San Elijo State Beach and headed to our favorite little market – Seaside Market for our dinner fixings.

We saw this marinated steak – Hangar Steak …. looked good.  We got four strips.

When we got back to our campsite, we googled Hangar Steak. It comes up Hanger Steak, so I’m not sure why the market’s meat dept. calls it Hangar with the “a” … no biggie

It was marinated… “Bourdelaise” …  we have had the Bourdelaise marinated Tri Tip from this market before and it was good, so we thought this would be good too.

Where on the cow is this cut of meat from ?? you ask??

Here is the cow – and the place –

Picture and lots of good info from – wikipedia

From Cooking Light – “This cut may not be a pretty one, but it more than makes up for its looks with its rich, beefy flavor. Also called hanging tender steak or Onglet (in French), it is a favorite cut of French bistros. For best results, cook it quickly: sear, grill, or broil it.”

We got the coals ready –

Started BBQing –

Looking good –

And the cut –

I would definately buy this meat again, but marinate it in my favorite marinade that I use on Flap Meat for Carne Asada –

I use a bottle of Fajita marinade, add an equal amount of orange juice (store bought is fine) and the juice of one lime.  Mix these well and then marinate your meat for at least 4-6 hours.  You’ll love it!

Here’s the Fajita Marinade I use –

My husband took the left overs, cut them thin (thinner than we had for dinner) and put some BBQ sauce on it.  It was pretty tasty with the BBQ sauce on it, could definately go with that the next time.

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