Happy Birthday Mom

Today would have been my Mom’s 72nd Birthday.  She passed away last August and I miss her more than you can believe.  I mean, everyone is going to die… but why her so soon after my Dad?  Her parents lived to be in their 90’s.  Why did cancer take her at 71?  It had to be in the “plan” but somehow I don’t see why…

Things my Mom and I have in common –  We both loved to …..
Cross Stitch
Bake Pies
Read – a lot!
Play Scrabble

Things I wish I had learned from my Mom –
Making Jam – yummy plum jam
Knitting – I have all of her knitting things…. I will teach myself one day!

Fun things I did with my Mom –
Traveled – Thanks Mom for taking me on all of those trips! London, Hawaii, Alaska and our Geneology trips to Mass, Vermont, New Hampshire, Illinois…
We walked every year in the Carlsbad 5000
We went to Morro Bay to see Grandma Dot. We always walked on the beach, ate fish and chips and shopped!
Played Scrabble on-line
Talked everyday on the phone at least once but more likely twice!

Boy…. I miss my Mom….
Happy Birthday Mom!

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