Headlands and Strands – The New Trails

I’m a lucky girl and live near the beach – Dana Point, San Clemente, Doheny State Beach, the Headlands and Strands.  I had only been down to Strands once and through the Orange County Register I’ve kept up with the development starting with new homes and trails.

The Local section of the paper, on January 8th, ran this story – click on it to view larger:

Orange County Register – Online Extras – www.ocregister.com/danapoint

My friend Tammy and I went and parked in the Interpretive Center’s parking lot and started walking the trail down on the Headlands and up Selva Rd to where the trail zig zags down to Strands beach.  We then walked on the trail in front of the homes being built at the bottom and many empty lots.  Re-looking at the article and map, we could have walked a lot further.  We’ll save that for another day!  Here are a few pictures I took:

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