I love you Zappos!

I’ve shopped at Zappos for years.  I love them.  And just for the record they didn’t pay me for this blog post.

They recently had a contest.  You had to call them and describe your dream vacation.  You could win $5,000 and one Zappos employee would win a vacation.

So .. I called.  I told them I wanted to go to Sanibel Island, Florida.  Not the typical dream vacation to Europe or another part of the world .. but a place I’ve wanted to go for a long time to beachcomb, fish, relax etc… but mostly find shells!!

I didn’t receive the winning email but two days ago in the mail I get this letter and a gift card for $25!!

I Love Zappos

What a surprise and I love the personal touch!

That is why I LOVE ZAPPOS!

Thanks Brittney and the Zappos team!!


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