Impressed with Herdez

My favorite salsa is Herdez –

I’ve been eating it for years. 

But …. the last two jars have been very liquidy… is that a word?  More Liquid, not as many tomatoes.  I thought they were trying to save money in these tough ecomonic times.  I called the phone number on the jar and spoke to a customer service rep.  I told her that I wouldn’t be buying my favorite salsa any more, that the liquid was just too much and that I was really disapointed.  She told me they had a couple of bad batches go out from a manufacturer and she asked for the bar code and code printed on the top of the jar.

Guess what?  I received a check for $4.00, a thank you card from Hormel Foods and a list of recipes – 5 pages!!!   I am so impressed!

You know, when I contacted Del Monte about the fruit coming from China, I didn’t get a coupon, “I’m sorry” or anything … just a letter stating why they get food from China. 

Hormel – I am very impressed!!!  I will definately buy my favorite salsa again.

But…. in the mean time I got a new salsa recipe from a friend in Georgia and I will be posting that soon.

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