I’ve always loved birds

I own 5 zebra finches.  2 males and 3 females.  I have owned finches on and off for the last 30 years or more.  I now have an outdoor cage – made for lizards – but works great for the finches.   They have room to fly a bit and they love taking baths in a freshly washed water dish.  Here is their home:Finch Home

I can’t put a nest in the cage or they won’t stop laying eggs and having babies.  I have already had 5 babies and that was enough.  They lay eggs in their food dishes, but I just throw them out.  Because….  Once I thought I would let them have their babies in the green food dish.  Well, they were very cute, two little babies… until I scared them by feeding the birds and one fell out.  Then the other one fell out.  I tried to move the dish to the bottom of the cage and put the babies back in, but they eventually died on the bottom of the cage.  Very sad…. no more babies born in food dishes.


 Years ago I found a very large bird’s nest out on the street.  It must have fallen out of the Eucalyptus trees and belonged to a large bird….. because Ollie our cat used it for a bed:







This last weekend we helped move a bed from our daughter Heather’s place to our daughter’s Samantha’s room and walking up the steps to the condo I found a little bird’s nest.  Heather said it had been there all week and no one had picked it up… but leave it to me to pick it up.  Here are my three little bird’s nests and a wooden bird that was my Grandma Agnes’s.  The smallest bird’s nest belonged to a hummingbird.  My mom gave it to me.  I found another one just like it in one of the walnut trees at her house about a month ago and stuck it in an outdoor wreath.  Very cute…



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