Jazz up that box of Mac and Cheese!

Last night we were having left over BBQ Chicken for dinner and I thought some Mac and Cheese sounded good.  I grabbed my deluxe box of Mac & Cheese and realized it wasn’t the home-style type I normally buy that comes with a crumb topping.

Jazz up your Mac and Cheese

So … what could I do to Jazz this up?

How about some grilled onions?  I diced about 1/3 – 1/2 a cup of onions, added about 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, some salt and pepper and sauteed to a nice light golden brown.

Diced Grilled Onions

And how about a crunchy topping … what do I have in the house?  Oh yeah … Crispy Onions and Cheetos!

Crispy OnionsCheetos

I added both to a large baggie and with my rolling pin, I crunched them up!  Yes, crunched!

Crispy onions and cheetosCrunch some cheetos and crispy onionsCrunched up crispy onions and cheetos

I cooked my noodles per the box instructions, added the cheese that came in the package and the grilled onions.

Jazz it up Mac and Cheese

Add to a casserole dish –

Mac and Cheese ready for a good topping

I then added my “crunched” up topping –

Ready to back jazzed up mac and cheese

I baked this for about 20-25 minutes at 425 degrees until the top was a nice golden brown.

Jazzed up Mac and Cheese complete and ready to eat

And with my chicken and pan cooked brocolli it made for a yummy dinner!

BBQ chicken and jazzed up mac and cheese

Really Good!  My only comment would be it needed to be cheesier.  By baking it, the Mac and Cheese became a bit dry.  Nothing a touch of milk and some cheddar cheese couldn’t fix 😉

Note – You could use cheese crackers if you don’t have cheetos on hand.


Jazzed up Mac and Cheese


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