Just forget it …

Well, I had reserved space # 5 at Doheny State Beach for tonight and tomorrow night – camping, camp fire, some beer, fun, relax …..

I knew by the Reserve America website that #5 could handle a 19ft camper/rv only.  Each spot can have two cars per night, some three.  We have a pop-up trailer, so no problem, we would fit.  Typically we back in the pop-up and then park our car next to it or at the end of the site.

I go down (it’s right by the house, thank goodness) to check in and check out the spot.  Mark won’t get home until later and we’ll go down to camp at that time.  WELL…  #5 is SO SMALL, SINGLE DRIVEWAY, barely any room behind the spot for the table and campfire pit.  I didn’t think our car would fit at the end of the drive, and that would mean parking in the overflow WAY down at the other end of the campsites.

I had looked the other night and saw that #8 was available and it was bigger.  I came home and got on the computer to Reserve America and there were now about 8 spots available and some even FRONT ROW!  You couldn’t reserve them on-line – it said “Walk-Up only”.  So…. I drove back down to the kiosk and spoke to the park person.  I told them I wanted to cancel #5 and get one of the other spots. 

Get this …..  “We can only reserve one night at a time”.   ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  The Reserve America site says it’s available for the two nights.  “We know, but it’s kiosk policy to book one night at a time”.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  You want me to come down, set up my camp for one night and then worry someone will beat me to the kiosk tomorrow to get Saturday night.

FORGET IT…..  I called Reserve America to cancel my spot #5 and got dinked for tonight and a cancellation fee and some other fee.  WHATEVER. 

I just have to say HOW STUPID THAT SYSTEM IS .

Here is spot #5 at Doheny State Park – DON’T RESERVE IT —— EVER !!!!!!

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