MANGO salsa !!!

I make a mean Mango Salsa!!  I could live on mango salsa and guacamole !!


For a very large bowl of salsa:

5 Mangos

5 to 6 vine ripened tomatoes – medium to small in size.

5 to 7 roma tomatoes

1 large sweet onion

2 to 3 jalapeno’s

1 large bunch of cilantro

2 limes

½ to 1 cup of prepared salsa

Salt and Pepper



How To:

Wash all fruit and vegies

Into a large bowl put the following:

1.  Dice onion.


2.  To pick the best mango – try to pick a fairly firm mango.  If it is too ripe it is very hard to dice.  If it is too hard, set it aside and wait a day or so and it will be ready.  The riper the mango, the more flavor.  Peel the mango and cut as much fruit off of the seed.  Dice.


3. Seed all tomatoes and then dice.


4.  Wearing gloves, cut the jalapeno in half long ways, take out all seeds and veins if you want less heat.  Dice very small.


5.  Add salt and pepper.


6.  Add the juice of two limes.


7.  Add ½ to 1 cup of a store bought salsa.


8.  Add 4 to 5 drops of Tabasco to desired taste and heat.


9.  Chop cilantro very small and add.


Stir, chill for an hour or so and enjoy.   (every ingredient can be adjusted to taste)



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