Monday Morning

8 am – Reserve America – Book September Campsites!

I had my camping sites picked, my finger on the mouse and when the computer clock hit 8:00 am “CLICK” …. then I waited to see if I was fast enough to get the spot. NO …. yikes !! Hurry and find another spot… UGG … all the front row is gone. So, I got a non-front-row-beach-bluff spot… oh well … It’s all good because I’m camping in September!

Then… I had an appointment at 8:20 with my “shrink”. You see, I have been going to a grief counselor to help me through my parent’s deaths. I show up and she says the appointment is for Thursday. She has someone in her office. I come home, check my e-mail and nope, it was for TODAY, 8:20 !!!!

I ask my 18 year old if she would listen to me every two weeks for one hour talk about anything that is bugging me, I would pay her $20 (my co-pay). She said “no way” … $40? I said “What?”. She said she didn’t want to listen to my problems for an hour!! ha ha ha

So … I know what I will talk about with my shrink the next time … about how frustrated I am that she got my appointment wrong and that it drove me crazy! HA HA HA

Now go make it a good Monday!!

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