My 3-in-1 Plum Tree


A few years ago I bought a plum tree at Lowes.  Not your average plum tree … a 3-in-1 tree, meaning that three different plum tree varieties have been grafted together to form one tree.  This tree I had to have!

I planted it in one of my vegatable planters … kind of tight on space … but I really wanted a plum tree!

Last year we got a few plums, pretty much one variety, the Santa Rosa Plums.

This year we have all three varieties!  So fun!

I made a cheat sheet today to see which plum was which ..


So far we’ve had about 8 Santa Rosa Plums and they are really sweet, juicy and good!

Until I made this cheat sheet I didn’t realize I had yellow plums… I know … dumb … but … I thought they were going to change color.  So, today I picked three and they were very ripe!  The one I ate was really sweet, juicy and good!


The little plums are the Blue Damson Plum and I’ve been squeezing a few to see if they are ready to pick and they seem still too hard.  I did find one that seemed softer, so I picked it and tried it … not ready yet!

Here is a close up and you can see a Shiro Plum and some Blue Damson Plums –


Here is a close up of a branch filled with Blue Damson Plums –


I looked over on the Lowes website and they have this tree listed – Lowes Website  (I don’t get paid by Lowes .. just spreading info)

They also have trios of other fruits – citrus, cherries ..

I wish I had more room… I would plant them all!



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