My first trip to the dump….

I had never been to a dump before until today.  We are throwing away our jacuzzi and Mark cut it in half with a saw.   We loaded one half on my kayak wheels and wheeled it down the side of the house.  I thought my wheels were going to POP !  We heaved it into the truck with Megan’s help.  We them drove to the dump and I got to see what other people were throwing away.  I bet we looked kind of funny with half a jacuzzi.  Things people were dumping – dirt, wood, tiles, well… just junky stuff.  When we go back to dump the other half, I will be sure to take my camera and share the complete experience.

Here is a picture of a dump:

This looked like the dump I went to.  Very organized.  They have to cover it all up at night with dirt and mulch.  The mulch and trash smelled like sour milk… yuck!  I had to hold my breath until we got up wind of it all.

The picture above came from this site:  You can learn all about landfills and how they work.  I’ll read it later….

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