My Garden Shed

I am thrilled my garden shed is built! My Mother-in-Law’s best friend has one and when I saw it, I knew that I wanted one too! We got rid of a jacuzzi in our backyard and the cement pad was “available”! My husband and I had been up to Cambria and got some ideas from a cute garden shed up there. Here are my pictures from beginning to end and a little info along the way!

The start –
We went on the hunt for old doors and such … Our initial idea was to build a simple structure that we could hang doors from so that the shed would be “open” and “airy”. It has turned out completely different, but that’s a good thing.

We found this place – Silverado Warehouse and bought our screen doors, work bench door and back splash and window door.

And … we got a few ideas –

Lots of doors to choose from!

Our choices –

We found two sets of screen doors in other areas on the grounds and here are the doors waiting to be used –

We found an old sink at a junk store in San Clemente – South Coast Furniture and Secondhand Store

So the project began –

Extending the cement pad –

Starting on the roof –

My sink area is going back by the fence –

My husband stained the wood while it went up to prevent termites from eating it!  I won’t be painting it, just leaving it like it looks here –

Sink station and cement work is being done –

Bricks will be layed back to the fence and the back walls have gone in – plus the roof!

I went to Sepulveda Building Supplies and bought my stone for the floor.  Here is our idea and what I bought-

It was a little intimadating at Sepulveda Building Supplies, but the salesman made it easy and took me out to the yard to choose my stone.  SO many to choose from!

I chose my stone by thickness and the look I wanted.  A worker brought the container to the weigh station and hand picked my stone with my help.  I think I bought 500-600 pounds.  The salesman helped calculate how many pounds I would need for the area I was going to cover.

I layed all of the pieces out and started to complete the puzzle!  You’ll see a black slate piece in my floor.  This came from extra slate from my parent’s home.  I wanted a little piece of my childhood home in my garden shed.

Grouting begins and the floor is getting done!

The two large screen doors I bought fit perfect on the side.  I was excited to be able to just open this entire side up!

You will see tongue-and-groove wood on both sides of my screen doors.  The guy I hired did this without asking as he thought I would like it.  I didn’t and have since removed it.

Time to finish the sides of the floor.

The final side starts taking shape!

You can see my sink station is complete.  The small screen door is in and I made it open as another way in!  The top (window) door is in and on door hinges and can swing out and up.  We will put some hooks or something on the eves to hold it open.

My work bench is in!  I will be tiling each of the three square areas to make the door a flat table top.

Time to finish up and add wire mesh to the open areas.

The bottom on the front you can see is open so I can hose the shed out.

My husband has stained the inside walls with a nice blue stain and also added my light.

I still have shelfs to put up and some other cute stuff!!

I love it !!!

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