My letter to Del Monte

I was just talking to my daughter Heather and she asked what my letter said that I sent to Del Monte, since their response (see previous blog) was so much about the food being made in China.  Here’s my letter…

December 4, 2008

Dear Del Monte Foods,

I have purchased your fruit cups for years and the last three packages of Diced Pears have been a little weird.  Bubbly…  mushy…  I threw them away as they had been in my cupboard for about a month – even though the expiration date said March of 2009.  I purchased a new 4-pack and opened one this morning with my breakfast.  Bubbly and mushy.  So… I decided to write to you and let you know of this problem.

To my surprise as I turned the package over to find your address – PRODUCT OF CHINA

I will not be buying this product any longer and will look for fruit from the USA !!!!  I would rather buy fresh than purchase this brand.

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It was really the mushy bubbly problem that made me write… still very odd I didn’t get any coupons!!

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