My Mom’s Cooking

Saturday morning I was watching “The Next Food Network Star”.  In this segment the contestants were supposed to open up about their life a bit … what makes them the cooks they are?  What drives them and gives them inspiration?  They were to tell a story about where they came from.  Some of the contestants had a really hard time doing this.

So, sitting there watching the show, I thought about it too.  Where do I get my recipes?  What would I say if I was on that show?  I thought about it and was sad that I couldn’t say I get my cooking skills from my Mom.  I think I get them more from my husband and his love for good BBQ and preparing the meat with a marinade or rub.   I’ve always been the Mom that cooks 6 out of 7 meals every week and at least 3 of those nights I’m grilling something!

I thought about my childhood dinners.  I’m not sure why my Mom made the food she did.  We kids were served lima beans, peas, tuna casserole, salmon loaf … yes salmon loaf.  I grew up in the days without microwaves, so when your lima beans got cold they stayed cold.  We were to sit at the table until our dinner was finished.  There is only so much napkin space to hide lima beans!  When I had my own children I wanted dinner time to be a no stress zone!  I served my kids the vegetables they liked.  I think it was mainly green beans.  I never made them eat something they didn’t like.  Maybe just try it … but if you really don’t like it you didn’t have to eat it.  No Stress at dinner!!!

I thought about myself being a contestant on that show and having to give a brief, 90 second, presentation about my food and my past.  I had a few tears come to my eyes.  What my Mom maybe lacked in the kitchen for a main meal, she made up for in desserts.  My Mom spoiled my Dad with her desserts!  Apple Pie .. she made the best apple pie.  Eclairs!  She made my Dad eclairs!!

But I just remembered her potato salad.  It was really good and if I put my mind to it, I’m sure I can come up with more good recipes.  I guess I just remember the meals that made my life at the dinner table difficult!   After my Mom passed away I couldn’t find her apple pie recipe.  I still don’t have it and can only hope to get my apple pie to turn out like hers.  I have her Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  These were always in the cookie jar when you went to visit!  Oh So Good!!!


And I just found her notes she made for me on how to make baked apples!

Did your Mom have some good recipes?  Do you have them written down?   Get them and cherish them!

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