My Painted Bottle … idea direct from Pinterest

I saw these painted mason jars on Pinterest and pinned it to my “Things I will make one day” board.  I love the look!

This How-To is from “It all Started with Paint”

I was down at the Orange Antique Malls shopping around and found this great bottle with a chicken on it ..


My Mom-in-Law loves chickens so I bought the bottle with a Mother’s day project in mind …

I thought I would start with a layer of white paint to give it depth when I started sanding..

Give it two layers of paint, letting each layer dry before adding more paint.

My Mom-in-Law loves purple .. so here comes the purple layer!

Remember, two coats of paint!

Time to sand!  I used Drywall sandpaper #150.  I cut it into 2 inch strips and worked on the bottle, stepped back, took a look .. sanded some more until I got the look I wanted.

I thought I would leave the chicken just plain .. but it didn’t “pop” enough, so I added a bit of white paint and then added a bit of clear sparkle paint.

I sprayed the bottle with this Crystal Clear to protect it.

Done!  The clear coat really made the paint look darker .. which was nice … and that is just sun hitting the top making it look like a lid or something…

I hope you have fun painting your own bottle!

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