My walk at San Elijo / Cardiff

Yesterday I headed down to San Elijo Camp Store to restock my cross stitch kits.  If you didn’t know, I design and sell cross stitch patterns and kits and most of my patterns are camping related.  My first design was actually a beach sunset, designed after San Elijo.  You can find my designs on sale in my Etsy store – CampCrossStitch.

Beach Sunset Cross Stitch Pattern

Any who ..  I wanted to walk the beach first and got down to San Elijo around 8:30.  I parked on the street by Swamis and started from the park, down the stairs and headed south.  I anticipated nothing on the beach to pick up (shells).  Every day can be different when you walk the beach.  Will there be shells?  Will there be rocks?  Will there be seaweed?

I looked down at the beach from the top of the stairs at Swamis and there was a bunch of seaweed.  I took a plastic bag with me just in case I found some treasures!

When I got down on the beach, near the high tide line, there were lots and lots of little red “baby lobster” looking things.  I later found out they were red crabs and it had been in the news about them washing up on shore.

red crabs on san elijo state beach

Some were still alive .. so sad!  The Seagulls were enjoying breakfast!

seagull eating a red crab

I walked south to the end of the State Park and crossed the bridge and continued down to Cardiff.  I keep track of my distance on Map My Walk.  I like the app and I’ve just recently entered some challenges.

map my walk san elijo state beach walk

I did get lucky and found some shells, pieces of shells, sea glass etc…  fun day!


Down by Cardiff, this lucky Seagull was enjoying a fish!

seagull and fish

People will ask me what I do with my shells .. I really enjoy making things with the shells, pictures frames, bird houses, wreaths..  I sell some things I make in an Etsy store – Beach to Home.  Here is one of my birdhouses.

birdhouse with shells

Enjoy your day!  If you’re lucky enough to walk on the beach … you’re lucky enough!



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