One Kings Lane

I must have been searching the web for something …. I think a new kitchen table …. and came across One Kings Lane.  In order to enter the site, I had to give my e-mail info … wasn’t that thrilled about it at the time, but I wanted to enter the site.

Now, every day I receive an e-mail or e-mails from One Kings Lane.  At first I thought everything they sell was REALLY expensive, but found out there are a lot of affordable products .. affordable for my budget.  AND, they have some really great sales!  Last night I checked out a new sale and there were vintage cook books – one of a kinds – great books and most had already sold.  Most items are singles only … and you had better move fast or someone else will grab it!

I’ve purchased two items so far.  A Christmas present for my daughter Megan – she picked it out – appx. $20

and a Christmas present for me 🙂  I picked it out – appx. $20 – two really cute pots

One Kings Lane has household items, furniture, books, art, etc… 

If you click on this link to join I get a credit 🙂


So click away and join today!  That rhymed 🙂

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