Organizing my Stamps

I have had a lot of fun adding to my collection of clear stamps over the past few years.  They’ve been stored in a little drawer all stacked up on each other.  Anytime I wanted to stamp, I would have to dig through the pile to find the one I wanted to use.

I went over to Michaels (Craft Store) in search of something to get these stamps organized.  What I had in mind, was a binder  with sleeves that the stamps could slide into.  I found one item, a binder, but it came with stamps that I didn’t need and it didn’t seem to have very many pages.  I didn’t see extra pages to purchase, so I passed on that idea.

Instead, I bought a small scrapbook album –

I bought extra pages and cut paper (heavier than it came with) to tape the clear stamp sets to.  I just looped the tape for the back, like double sided.  I taped the stamp sets on different sides of each page as I went, so they would all fit nice and the book would lay as flat as possible when it was closed.

I also went through my wooden stamps and stamped on pages to go into the book.

Now, all I have to do, is grab my book, flip through, and find my stamps!

Click on photos to view larger.

If you have a storage idea or have found a book sold for this purpose, let me know!

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