Painting the Bottle

My project this past week was to paint one of these bottles – See below.  When Samantha moved out and we were shopping for kitchen things, we saw one of these bottles and I told her I would paint it for her.  You can put dish soap in it or olive oil ….  or whatever you want!   Here is mine – professionally painted – and given to me as a gift.

Painted bottle of dish soap

I asked Sam to find me a picture to copy –

Painting the bottle

The wonderful thing about painting on glass is that you can wash it off and start over – which I did last night.  The picture above is the one I liked…. not the one I washed off!

Getting ready to paint the back –

Painting the bottle

And done!

Painting the bottle

I just need to spray the bottle with a clear coat to protect the painting and I’ll be all done!

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