Pantry Boxes for RV Pantry – Fleetwood Pulse

We just bought the 2010 Fleetwood Pulse and love it !!!

The pantry has 5 shelves and they measure appx. 6 inches wide by 20 inches deep.

We had looked at another RV that had a pull-out pantry system, but the Pulse just has shelves.

I started searching for some kind of bin, be it plastic or cardboard.  Something I could pull out from each shelf and see everything I had!

I found some cardboard bins at Papermart, but I would have had to buy 50 of them.  I was just about to buy them, as I hadn’t found anything else that would fit, but decided to search a bit more.

I found the perfect size bin at US Plastics!  They are corrugated plastic and work great!  They come flat and you have to fold them together to make the bin, like a banker box.  I wish they came in a nice brown or neutral color, but I wasn’t picky after searching for so long.

I need to trim the front sides  as they get hung up on the screws on the shelf hardware, but other than that, they are great!

You can find the bins here – US Plastic

You can also find some plastic bins at Papermart and the cardboard ones.  The plastic bins weren’t the right size for my pantry – PaperMart

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