Pie Crusts – I really need to practice!

My Mom was known for her pies and especially her pie crusts.  I follow in her footsteps in pie making, but my crusts …. pretty much …. suck.  I make a mean “Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie” and the crust needs to be baked before filling it.  Every time, and I mean every time, I make this pie, parts of my crust just falls.  I don’t want to make the sides too high as I think they get stuck off the edge … see what I mean?  I need to practice!

I found this on Pinterest –  20 Creative Pie Crimping Techniques!  Very creative!

And you don’t have to wait to make a “sweet” pie .. a quiche or savory pie would work too!

pie crusts


My favorite pie crust recipe is this one –

pie crust recipe

This is from the “The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook” – one of my favorites!

Do you have any pie crust making secrets for me?  I really need some help 😉


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