Price Comparison – Walmart – Costco – Target – 5/1/14

Where do you shop for papergoods, household supplies, personal items?  Walmart ? Costco ? Target ? Your local grocery store ?

Well, I started this price comparison because my Costco renewal bill came in the mail.  $165.  I have a business account and we have 4 cards.  My rebate check from last year’s shopping was peanuts.  I guess I slowly stopped shopping at Costco because I was already at Walmart shopping for things that Costco didn’t carry, so I just grabbed my paper, personal and home goods there.  I figured the prices would be pretty close.  And, when I shop at Costco I tend to spend more because I’m passing by all of the books, DVD’s, TV’s, clothes, tempting items or smelling the great baked goods .. things I don’t really need even though I’m drooling!  I mean .. have you seen the cookies, apple pie, bread??   With only one daughter left at home we don’t need to buy in bulk sizes so much anymore.  We don’t need 2 gallons of milk, 18 eggs, or 2 loaves of bread.   I also buy products that Costco doesn’t carry, like unscented dryer sheets or Tide with bleach “original” .. hard to find sometimes.

So .. I decided to do a price comparison between Walmart, Costco and Stater Bros, my local market.

My daughter shops at Target and she joined me for the price comparison task!

I was at Costco taking pictures of a product and price and a lady looked at me kind of weird.  I told her I was doing a price comparison.  She said “Well I guess if you have time for that” … well, I guess I do when I want to save money!

When I’m at Stater Bros buying groceries I will always grab a package of sponges, WOW, I won’t be doing that anymore!  Half the price at Walmart and Target!  I always buy Osteo Bi-flex at Stater’s when they have a buy-one-get-one-free sale … but I was in a hurry, so grabbed it at full price!  OUCH !!  After I saw the price at Costco, I know I’ll be getting it there and saving money!

I am definitely going to spend less going forward!  I will carry my price comparison sheet in my purse to refer to.  I was very surprised to see that Target beats or matches Walmart prices!  Plus, I use the Target Red Card / Debit card, so I save 1%.  Costco will be my go-to for some items, plus Gas, Glasses and contacts and some other things, but I think Target has won my business on a lot of items that I used to buy at Walmart.

Click here for the price comparison, Costco, Walmart, Target, with pictures of the items.

Click here for the price comparison, Costco, Walmart, Target, without pictures.

I plan on comparing some food items next.  I have a Smart and Final close by and pop in there for produce and some food items.  I think they have good prices, but will find out!

I hope this price comparison will save you some money or at least make you feel good that you are shopping at the right store!

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