Quick! Find me a Starbucks!

I have a new app … A Starbucks locator.

Love it!



It’s  called the Coffee Shop Locator for Starbucks created by William Modesitt.

“It shows over 11,450 Starbucks Coffee Locations throughout US and Canada”

What’s really nice is that this app shows you if it is a stand alone store or if it’s located in a grocery store.  Here is a screen shot of choosing what type of location you’d like to see on the map.

Starbucks locator
And now the map –

Starbucks locator map

And now for the info –

Starbucks locator info



I was was asked to review the Ultimate U.S. Public Campground Project app and loved it so much I asked if I could review and blog about the KOA Finder and this Starbucks locator app.

You can read those reviews over at The Campsite Blog

I showed my youngest daughter, age 22, this app and she pulled out her phone and went to her Starbucks app. That too will show you locations, not as fast .. A few extra clicks, but I still like this one better .. Better visually for in grocery store locations.

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