Recipes + Evernote !!

I go through my old magazines and tear out the recipes I want to keep. I think a lot of us do that, right?.  How do you organize yours?  I was organizing mine in a 3-ring binder, with categories and each recipe was in a sheet protector.

I had a stack of “pages” to file in my binder and I mentioned it to my daughter, Heather.  She knew I had been using Evernote and knew I had a “Notebook” (folder)  for my recipes.  So … she had an idea ..

“Mom, instead of filing your recipes in a binder, why don’t you put them into your Notebook on Evernote? You can probably find some or most of them online and add them via that website”

Great idea!  So I started my re-organization and I love it!

The great thing, or I should say things about putting my recipes in Evernote –

I have shared this Notebook with my kids, husband and son-in-law.  What does that mean?  It means they can view my Recipe Notebook (if they have Evernote) and they can print them, and make them!

Evernote syncs between my computer, tablet and smartphone so I can pull up any recipe if I’m at the market and shop for ingredients spur of the moment.

Easy peasy

What is Evernote?  It’s a program for your computer and an App for your devices.  Click the link and you can read all about it!

How I do it –

From one of my magazine pages I search online and find the recipe.

I highlight the title of the recipe first, right click and “Add to Evernote” (You get this option when you install Evernote onto your computer).

The Evernote screen will pop up and you will see your title. The picture below is showing it about complete …

I make sure this new “Note” will go into my Recipe Notebook.

I change the title if needed.  I have organized my recipes with MAIN DISH – …  DESSERT – … SIDE DISH- …  etc….  I like them alphabetized and this is a way to keep them in categories.

After this, I go back to the webpage and start copying the recipe – Copy and Paste into the already-open Note.  Do not “add to Evernote” or a new Note will pop up.

It can be a bit tricky copying on a webpage.  You will copy menus and some html you really don’t want.  Sometimes I do this in steps.  When you paste it into Evernote, you will have some clean up to do, font sizes to change, spaces to tighten up.  You’ll get the hang of it … just be patient.

I also love a picture with my recipe.  So I copy and paste the picture as well.  You can’t change the image size .. I hope in the future Evernote will add some functions for this.

In this picture you can see my new Note is in Evernote.

You an also access your recipes via the App FOOD by Evernote –

Just choose “My Cookbook” —

Navigate to the recipe –

And I’m finished!  I have my recipe on my computer in the Evernote program.  I have it on my iPad in the Evernote App or via the Evernote FOOD App and I also have it on my iPhone via either app.

I also use Evernote for my grocery list.  I can add things to it wherever I may be .. sitting at the computer or out and about on my phone and my notes all sync together.

What if the recipe isn’t online?  You can type it in yourself and add pictures too!

– not a paid advertisement for Evernote … I just love it!




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