Restoration Hardware – Fall 2011 Source Book – Yikes!

So … I think I’ve shopped at Restoration Hardware a handful of times.  I get their catalogs on a regular basis … but today is a big day in the Restoration Hardware catalog world …. I got the Fall 2011 Source Book … whether I will buy from it or not!

It is 615 pages!!!!!

I think I liked Restoration Hardware more before the catalogs became so …. blah …. everything is brown, black, gray, white …  oh wait .. on page 532 you can order drapes in actual colors 🙂  Sangria, Light Celery, Light Silver Sage, …. a bit of color.

Check out some of the pages ….

Do you see what I’m talking about?  All blah …..  

Where’s the yellow, blue, red, green ???  How about some “alive” colors?

I guess there must be a bunch of people out there loving this line of products, as this is one huge catalog!!

Don’t get me wrong, I like Restoration Hardware, but the catalogs need more color (or the products …).

On page 615 – you can get the Source Book App for your “iPad or iPhone and browse, search, zoom, bookmark, and shop.  Anytime, anywhere”  ….  I think I’ll pass.

Dear Mr. Gary Friedman, Chairman & Co-Chief Executive Officer,

Did you mean to send me this big source book?  How much did this cost?  How many people got them?  Just wondering because I’m not a big spender at your store.   There is a picture of you on the inside cover page in blue jeans … please put some blue in the source book!

Yours Truly,
Karen Ezell

To shop at Restoration Hardware visit their site – Restoration Hardware

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