Rust in the Garden

I have berry vines growing along the side of my house and this year they are really taking off!

I went out to pick some berries and noticed orange dots on a lot of the leaves. YIKES !!!

I hate garden problems!!

I clipped off a few leaves, stuck them in a baggie and headed to the nursery.

I have RUST!

The man at the nursery said it is bad right now because of our wet rainy season … or seasons …

He recommended this product – it can be used on organic gardens, so I thought this would be best.  I hate spraying chemicals on food!!

Info on this product – Serenade Garden

I went home, clipped off as many leaves as possible and have sprayed the rest. (last weekend). I went out last night to pick berries and sprayed again.

This plant originated from my Grandfather’s house and I hate to see it dying from rust. I will probably clip more leaves off today and try and get ahead of this problem.

Reading this rust article on eHow, it seems like pruning is my hope of getting ahead of the game … 🙁  Wish me luck!!

May 4th Update –

Well, I think the culprit to my rust problems started with me putting large bark on the ground by the berries.  I did this to help with weeds.  Bad decision.  I pruned back my berry plants down to the ground!  The ground was very damp under the bark and the main plant had mildew around it at the base.  I had a bunch of offshoots growing on the other side of my boardwalk, so I’m letting the ground breath for a bit and dry out and then I will transplant some of these offshoots.  The main plant is growing back a bit already. 

So … lesson of the day – Don’t put bark around the bottom of my berries!!

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