Salsa in 30 seconds!

Okay… I love salsa. I love mexican food. I could eat mexican food every day… really, I could. When Mark and I were at the Fred Hall show this past March (Fishing Show) we picked up a can of this Salsa mix. When I go to the Fred Hall shows I love that there are booths that have nothing to do with fishing 🙂 …. even though I love to fish. It’s just a nice break to look at something different. So anyway, we picked up this can of Salsa mix and I forgot all about it until tonight!
All you do is mix a scoop of the mix (they give you a scooper) with a 14.5 oz can of petite diced tomatoes. Stir, refrigerate for 30 minutes and “vwallaa” SALSA !!
AND… it’s pretty darn good!
AND … it’s made in America and is Veteran owned!

Buy some and make some salsa!

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