Sam, the Storage Unit and Moroccan Chicken

Today, Samantha came and worked for me. She is my 21 year old daughter and in search of a new job near Long Beach – her home now to finish college at the Cal State there. In the mean time, I put her to work doing EVERYTHING! AND, she’s good at everything! Today she boxed up files for the storage unit, vacuumed, moved boxes, emptied and loaded the dishwasher, input data for our business website, put away new stock, counted keychains and etc… etc…. she does EVERYTHING I need her to do and I love it!

So …. she went to the storage unit with me. She said it was creepy and reminded her of “The Shining”. She had to go down to the end of the hall ……

AND she came running back !!!!!

Then it was to WalMart.  Samantha pulled a recipe out of her purse that she tore out of a magazine at the doctors office.  Hmmmm … not sure you are supposed to do that!!!!!  BUT, it was so good, I forgive her!  We headed to the market to get the ingredients we needed and then back home where Sam cooked Mark and I dinner!


Busy Day … Good Day ….

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