San Elijo Campground – April 2010

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We headed down to San Elijo State Park / Campground this past weekend, spot 31, bluff site.

We just love San Elijo as it is only an hour from home and is a beautiful place to be.  My husband has a new board and did some surfing.  While he surfed, I walked up to Swami’s, a good little walk!

and the way back …

We’ve been collecting heart rocks and when I’m at the beach I search for one.  I found this one … pretty close ….

We have booked weekends in September and October in a few new spots for us and we scouted them out and found another nice one #79.

Here’s #28

and space #79

We walked across the street (for the first time) and found the Starbucks and the GREAT market!  Cardiff Seaside Market is fantastic!  Walking in, the first thing I came to were the beautiful flowers and then the produce, which looked great.  We made our way through this gourmet-small-grocery-store and found the meat counter and deli counter.  Forget packing the meats and side dishes at home, I’m coming here to shop for lunches and dinners!

Seaside Market

On Friday night we saw the pizza delivery car drive through the park, so Mark went down to the kiosk and got a take-out menu. Leucadia Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant.

Leucadia Pizza

Sunday night we ordered two personal pizzas and they were great!  Now, this is livin’ !!

On Sunday we rode our bikes down to Cardiff State Park, a day use lot, and then down to the south parking lot.  It was a good bike ride.  The hill on the way back wasn’t too bad.  I sure like riding down hills more than up!   🙂  Doesn’t everyone?

This picture above is looking back at the campground from the day-use parking lot.

The South Parking Lot –

Who wouldn’t want to sit on this bench every day??

We’re always entertained by the squirrels.  One of our neighbors had the squirrels tear apart an entire roll of papertowels.  They liked our charcoal bag.  Paper must be a part of nests or something.  Pesky things!


If I haven’t mentioned it before in my San Elijo posts, you must buy tokens for the showers.  Two tokens are fine for me for a nice long shower.  The shower heads point down sharply near the wall and you have to bend a ways down to rinse your hair or your head will touch the wall … gross…

AND … I got into the shower.  Got my soap out.  My shampoo out.  My clothes off.  Glasses off.  AND … the shower didn’t work !!!  Can you believe it ???  So annoying!  I guess I’ll put a token in first and test the shower before I get all ready!

When everyone starts leaving on Sunday the crows and the squirrels duke it out!

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