San Elijo Campground, Space 83

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We camped at San Elijo in Space 83 this time.  It was an “okay” spot, but there is a palm tree that makes your entrance a bit smaller.  The same with Space 84 – I would try to avoid both of these spots and go for larger, wider spots on either side of 83.  See my San Elijo campground map with spots marked – HERE

It was a beautiful weekend with temperatures in the 80’s during the day, clear skies and no breeze at night.

My daughter and her friend took morning walks with me while my husband surfed.  We got some coffee at the camp store one morning – a good cup of coffee for $1.75.

We hung out at the beach for a while each day.  Lots of seaweed which has all of those pesky flies!

Space 83 has great cover on both sides, but not the back.  It was plenty deep, but again, not very wide.

There is an ocean view, it’s just hard to see it in this picture.

Have a question about San Elijo campground?  Ask me!  Leave me a comment!  We always camp here and I can take a picture of your campsite if you’d like to see the size before you arrive.

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