Sanuk shoes travel to Scotland and London!

Post update 7/18/11 –  I get a lot of hits for Sanuk’s in London … are you looking for a shoe store in London that sells Sanuks?  If so, I went to the Sanuk site  and they have one dealer listed for the United Kingdom –

I also found these sites –

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Planning our trip to Scotland and London, I knew I would be doing a TON of walking!  I had been to both countries/cities before and wore some Clark Privo’s and they were great.  I bought a new pair of Merrill’s  but wanted a second pair of comfortable shoes!

Since I LOVE Sanuk’s I went on the hunt for a new pair for the trip.  (If you check on a past Sanuk post, you will see my Sanuk collection.)  I went to the Hobie store and checked out their selection of Sanuk’s.  Nothing really “did” it for me .. until the sales girl turned my attention to these –

YES !!!!   I loved them and they are comfortable from the minute you put them on!  They are like harachi’s kind of ..  I can’t even find them on the Sanuk website!

The only day they bugged me was walking the entire downtown area of Inverness Scotland.  My toes were bugging me and sometimes the back strap slipped off.  But … overall they were great.  Get them a little snug as they have stretched out a bit.

We went to the Edinburgh Castle and my husband had me take a picture of his Sanuks next to the oldest chapel – dating back to the 1200’s !!!

We are a Sanuk family 🙂  Sanuk’s are great!

More on my travels to Scotland and London soon – where to stay, eat, what to see, etc…

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