Shovel Planter – How-To

On Del Mar street in San Clemente, the first Sunday of the month, there is a vendor that sells cute planters and one of them is on a shovel.  I was at the junk store in SC and bought a snow shovel for around $3.50.  Yes, $3.50!!  My sister-in-laws birthday was coming up and I thought it would be fun to give her a planter made with the shovel.  Here is the step-by-step pictures and some info –

My husband cut the handle off.

I bought this coconut liner at Lowes to use for lining the planter.

I bought some succulent and ivy ..

You can see some of my tools.  Tie wire (coated), pliers, wire cutters, sand paper sponge thing..

Drill a hole in the handle for the wire hanger.

Sand the end of the handle.

The shovel came with two holes already drilled – you can see them in this picture. We will be drilling more holes to attach the wire planter.

You can now see the holes we drilled into the shovel.

The shovel measured 18 inches across.

I had this wire mesh and cut it to just around 9″ x 26″.  You can always cut it down, so cut it larger and then adjust.

My cut wire mesh.


I started bending it and cutting the corner out to make the wire planter basket. This was my first time making one of these, so it was just guessing..

I then placed my wire mesh on the shovel to secure it with tie wire.

My tie wires were about 5 to 6 inches in length.

I put the tie wire through the hole and twisted.

Here is the back of the shovel with all of my tie wires.

You will need to hammer the tie wire and bend it down, so no pointy edges are sticking out.

Bend the wire around to the front.

I wore my leather gloves when I worked with the wire mesh, as the cut ends are sharp.  I secured the sides.

Here is the wire mesh secured.

I trimmed off the wire mesh at the height I wanted and then took these needle nose pliers and bent each sharp wire down.

it was time to cut the coconut liner.

Finished with the lining and ready to plant the succulents.

Add some planting soil and plant your shovel!

Add a wire hanger.

All done!  For my first shovel planter .. not bad!

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