Silverwood Lake – Caution Tape

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We camped at Silverwood Lake this past weekend.  We should have taken Caution Tape.

We were in site 44 and our friends were in site 43. Site 44 is a site that has the driveway for your cars/camper with a path down to your table, fire ring, tent area. This is fine and all, but site 45 backs right up to your drive way.

This shows how close their tent was to our camper.

This might not have been a big deal, but the site 45 campers seemed to think it was okay to walk through our campsite – either to the trash can between 44 and 43 or to the path that is right behind 43.  They didn’t have a clue on camping etiquette.  You DON’T walk through someone’s campsite, PERIOD.  Their kids rode their bikes down our driveway into their campsite.  We told them a few times “You’re in our campsite”.  The parents heard us, but nothing changed.  My husband put the cars at an angle and the kids tried to ride through.  My husband had to tell them to stop.  Hello ?????  Saturday afternoon I laid down to take a nap and I heard kids talking right next to my window.  They were sitting on their bikes in our campsite.  Sigh ….

Then, Saturday night one of their campers had too much to drink and was loud and obnoxious for about an hour.  Other campers were yelling “Shut Up” and she would yell at them.  I went into our camper and got the pamphlet the park gives you on the way in.  I called the number on the back.  It was discontinued!  Then, two park rangers walked down our driveway and talked to her.  I guess they were doing their rounds and heard her from a street over.  They walked her into our driveway to talk to her.  I immediately got up from our campfire and told them that this is “Our campsite.  Theirs is next door”.  The park ranger said he knew and was going to question her.  I told him I didn’t want my stuff messed up!  They finally arrested her as no one could drive her home.  We later asked the park ranger what number to call if we needed them, and he said 911.

We thought maybe we should put some caution tape in the camper so we can “mark our area”.  Not, that I would want caution tape strung across an area … and these campers would probably just go under it!

And … Sunday morning after all of that fiasco the night before, adults from the camp had thrown some trash away and came walking back through our site!!!  My husband told them we had had enough!

Here are some pictures of campsite 44 and 43 –

This is looking out the back window of our camper.  You can see the path down to our fire pit.

This is a picture of site 44’s table and fire pit area.  GREAT shade!  GREAT trees for a hammock.

Here is site 43 –

The path comes right up to the back of site 43 –

The lake was beautiful.  We kayaked, shore fished and enjoyed the weekend … besides having campers with no idea of camping etiquette!

There are ants, gnats, snakes, bears, bob cats 🙂  come prepared.  I wore flip flops all day and didn’t get any ant bites!  They would crawl on my feet, I’m sure, but no takers.

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